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Natural Body Scrub Recipes

With winter comes dry, itchy skin. Right? Wrong! This winter, banish dry, itchy skin before it even begins with our top 3 delicious body scrub recipes that you can create easily at home – whilst making breakfast! Simply mix the…

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Three Gems Natural Skincare Posts

How to Figure Out Your Skin Type

Have you ever wondered how to figure out your skin type? We all know that we need to cleanse and moisturise daily, but did you know that different types of skin have varying needs when it comes to skincare? To…

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Image Of A Mature Lady

5 skincare do’s for mature skin

Whatever your age, a good skincare regimen is a must. But, as we get older, our skincare needs change and, as such, our regimens must too. Here are our top 5 do’s when it comes to mature skin and skincare:…

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Three Gems Makeup Remover, Witch Hazel Toner And Frankincense Face Oil In Bathroom Setting

Summer Skincare

As we move into summer, transitioning your skincare routine should be a key consideration. And you’d be forgiven for thinking that because it’s summer, your skin won’t need as much support. The exact opposite is true! Between the sun’s relentless…

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Lady Illustrating Winter Skincare

Dry Winter Skin

Winter – we’re sure you’ve felt it! But, as you wrap up warm, and sip warm drinks whilst watching your favourite TV show, take a moment to consider your skin. Just like you’re snuggling up and protecting your body, have…

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