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Softer, Healthier Skin, Just by Using All-Natural Body Butters

Organic Shea Butter And Shea Nuts

You Can Have Softer, Healthier Skin, Just By Using All-Natural Body Butters

Your skin’s health is incredibly important. Not only does it affect how you appear, but it can also affect how you physically feel. This can then affect how you feel about yourself. Luckily, there are wonderful products out there like all-natural body butters that are there to help you stay beautiful and healthy. And are a great tool to enhance your well-being.

When putting any product on your skin, it’s essential that you choose products that do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals that could be absorbed into your skin. After all, you’re trying to maintain your health, and your skin is your largest organ. Fortunately, when you choose to purchase items from a reputable seller like us here at Three Gems, you will not have to worry about that at all. Every product in our range is made with wholesome and organic all-natural ingredients, with not a single suspicious chemical in sight!

What Is Body Butter?

If you’re someone who has never used body butter before, you might be wondering what it is. To put it simply, body butter is either a thick cream or blend of butters and oils that are used for moisturising and keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

This lovely skincare product is often made with natural kinds of butter like shea butter. In addition, its thick and heavy qualities make it ideal for nighttime application and relaxation.

Natural body butter is a product made with all-natural ingredients. For example, the excellent body butter that we sell at Three Gems is made with shea butter and is free of water or filler ingredients.  It is not a cream, but is 100% butters and oils – 100% active ingredients. So you’re not spending your money on water or fillers.

Our luxurious body butters come in three unique variants, so you can pick which one you prefer the most. A soothing aloe vera type that is unscented, a serene jasmine type made with natural jasmine essential oil and jasmine absolute, and an absolutely lovely rose type with natural rose essential oil and rose absolute.

If you can’t decide between our three fantastic choices, you can even purchase a set of all three. So, you don’t have to choose. You can simply enjoy the products and feel your skin get healthier.

How Can Natural Body Butter Make My Skin Nicer?

Body butter isn’t just for making your skin feel good; it has plenty of incredible benefits as well.  The main ingredient in our body butter is organic Shea Butter.

Body butter can help your skin and your overall health in many ways, including:

It Can Enhance Massages. You can add a little bit of body butter to your hands before you massage parts of your body. This way, you can deeply work this beneficial, nourishing product into parts of your body that need it.

It Can Revitalise Dry Patches. It’s not unusual to have dry patches of skin every now and again, especially on areas like your elbows or your knees. With these, body butter can be a massive help. You can soothe dry patches by massaging deeply-moisturising body butters into your skin. Because our body butter is free of chemicals, you do not have to worry about using too much because it’s all-natural.

It’s Great As A Makeup Remover. At the end of the day, when you are removing your makeup before settling down, a bit of body butter on your finger can help get stubborn makeup off. Because body butter is so revitalising, you can also give your skin an extra moisturising treat as you take your makeup off.

It Can Be Used In Hair, Too. This excellent product isn’t just good for skin, either – if you notice that your hair has become stressed or dry, your hair might benefit from natural body butter as well. To help your hair, simply put a bit of body butter in your hand, wait a moment for it to melt a bit, and then apply it to your hair. Afterwards, you can use pleasant warm water to rinse your hair.

Where Can I Find Wholesome, Chemical-Free Natural Body Butter In New Zealand?

Treat yourself and your skin with skin and body care products made of wholesome and organic ingredients. We are proud to offer our customers a fantastic selection of beneficial skin and body care products, and we have everything from soothing body butter to relaxing jade rollers.

If you have any questions about our products and our processes, please feel free to contact us at We are passionate about delivering healthy products to people like you, and we’d love to hear what you think!

Enhance your skin and enjoy safe, natural ingredients by using products from our range at Three Gems.

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