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Natural Deodorant

5.0 (4 reviews)


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Lift your arms with confidence once again… This is a natural deodorant that really works! It keeps you dry and odour-free all day. Money-back guarantee.


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Two options to choose from:
Natural Deodorant Stick: Easy application in a wind-up tube.
Plastic-free Deodorant Pot: Comes in a reusable pot with a compostable applicator. Repurpose the pot or return it to us for $1 off your next purchase.

We are so confident that this deodorant will work for you, we gladly offer you a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t.


Eliminates the body odour that no other natural deodorant could do
I will take this opportunity to say again that this deodorant has truly been a revelation for me in terms of eliminating the body odour smell that no other natural deodorant I had tried previously could do. Thank you so much! And along with your helpful assistance about how to best apply to avoid the white residue on my clothing, it makes me so much more confident to be out in the world, playing sport, hugging my friends, wearing my favourite clothes 2 days in a row!

Clare, Wellington


Natural Deodorant that is so effective we happily offer a money back guarantee!

Whether you choose the natural deodorant stick or the plastic-free pot, the goodness inside won’t disappoint. This natural deodorant is made with a few natural ingredients that enable it to do what a deodorant should – keep you dry and odour-free with confidence. A natural deodorant that works!

We are so confident that this deodorant will work for you, we gladly offer you a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t. Contact us for details.

What’s in it (and what isn’t)

This deodorant is made with baking soda and Petitgrain oil, as well as natural butters and oils, arrowroot, a little beeswax and natural Vitamin E. No water, no fillers, no chemicals, no nasties at all.

Read our post about what isn’t in our natural deodorant here

Good to know

A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly. Used sparingly, this deodorant will not or mark clothes or leave any residue.

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Best kept in a cool place. As it is a 100% natural product, it will soften in the heat.

4 reviews for Natural Deodorant

  1. Trish Spence Manning (verified owner)


  2. spencemanning

    The best deodorant I’ve ever used. No more worry about body odour 🙂

  3. Petra77 (verified owner)

    The best deodorant ever!! It works exactly as promised for the whole day even if I am sweating. I’ve tried many natural alternatives over the years and this deodorant is the winner. Thanks for making it and sharing it with us!

  4. Isabella

    I tried this deodorant because I found many of the other natural deodorants I had tried contained alcohol and I often had a painful stinging skin reaction… not so with this! The deodorant works perfectly, does exactly what it promises and I really like that it comes in a reusable plastic-free tub that creates no rubbish. This truly covers all bases of natural skincare and I am amazed that it works better than all other deodorants I have tried while being super gentle on my sensitive skin, even after shaving.

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