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Natural Lip Balm

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Nourish your lips with the goodness of pure coconut oil combined with the natural oils of strawberry, spearmint, or organic aloe vera.

There are four varieties to choose from:

  • Strawberry: The classic pick-me-up
  • Spearmint: Very refreshing
  • Aloe Vera: Calming and healing
  • Tinted Aloe Vera: All of the benefits of aloe vera with a good amount of natural tint

All contain our hero ingredient – strawberry seed oil – which has intense moisturising properties and will leave your lips supple and protected.

Scroll down for more information, or read our FAQ’s.

Looking for natural products after being diagnosed with breast cancer…

I looked for natural products after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Love these products. The deodorant is easy to use and lasts ages. Also love the lip balms… especially the spearmint one!!!

Jillinda, Motueka


Keep your lips deliciously moisturised

With a coconut oil base, this natural lip balm glides on smoothly and will leave your lips moisturised and nourished.

What’s in it (and what isn’t)

The primary ingredients are coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, strawberry seed oil, and natural vitamin e. No water, no fillers, no chemicals, no nasties at all.

  • Aloe Vera is made with organic aloe vera leaf extract – healing and calming with no fragrance
  • Spearmint contains spearmint essential oil – very refreshing and cooling
  • Strawberry contains strawberry oil – a classic “pick-me-up”
  • Tinted Aloe Vera has all of the benefits of aloe vera as well as a good amount of natural tint.

Buy Natural Fresh Lip Balm

All contain our hero ingredient – strawberry seed oil – which has intense moisturising properties and will leave your lips supple and protected.

Nourish your lips with the goodness of pure coconut oil, cocoa butter, and strawberry seed oil. Easy to use, moisturizing, and yummy, we provide the best lip balm for people who care about their skin.

Your lips are some of the most sensitive parts of your body. At Three Gems, we know how to treat them gently. Lovers of lip balm often apply it many times a day, so it is super important to use the right ingredients.

Experience the delicious sensation of supple and protected lips with our natural lip balm

Buy natural fresh lip balm locally!

Three Gems is a Nelson-based organic skincare brand with a strong stance on reducing the number of harmful components ending up in our bodies and the environment. Using natural beauty products is far beyond what some consider a fad.

Many popular lip balm brands use petroleum jelly as a primary ingredient. Made using fossil fuels and transformed into petrochemicals, the process of manufacturing petroleum releases polluting toxins into the earth’s atmosphere, including carbon dioxide. CO2 is one of the most dangerous greenhouse gasses, causing holes in the ozone layer.

Not only does the making of petroleum jelly cause massive damage to the environment, but it’s also not actually good for your skin. It clogs pores and increases the risk of infection to lips if they are cracked or chapped. Parabens are also a common ingredient in several mainstream lip balm products. These disrupt natural hormones by mimicking estrogen, increasing the risk of breast cancer.

Why would anyone want to use skincare products that use these artificial ingredients if they knew the damage they were causing! At Three Gems, all of our skincare uses only natural and organic ingredients - even our natural deodorant! Natural skincare is more effective, kinder to ecosystems, and better for your skin. You will love how your lips feel after trying our lip balm.

It is also better for the environment to buy natural products manufactured locally. Supporting local reduces courier costs that otherwise make a massive carbon footprint. That’s why Three Gems buys all our ingredients from sustainable New Zealand suppliers. Buy locally-made, natural lip balm, NZ!

We use natural and organic ingredients to make the best lip balm, hand made using coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, strawberry seed oil, and natural Vitamin E. Zero water, fillers, or nasty chemicals go anywhere near our products. Plus, you can choose between four kinds so you can treat your lips right!

Aloe Vera

Our aloe vera balm has no flavour, but we pack it with organic aloe vera leaf extract. Aloe vera has incredible calming and healing properties, soothing chapped, sunburnt, and dry lips.


Our spearmint lip balm contains spearmint essential oil. It is so refreshing, with a natural flavour that adds a bit of coolness to soothe inflamed lips.


Our strawberry-flavoured balm is a favourite. A classic “pick-me-up,” it contains strawberry oil, which activates your lips and makes them feel full and delicious.

Tinted Aloe Vera

Our tinted aloe vera balm contains all the benefits of aloe vera along with a natural tint that adapts to your skin tone, so you know you will always look your best.

Three Gems was born from a practice of sharing good quality creations with the community. We carry on this ethos by being transparent about how we make these products, treating all our customers as friends.

Read on to learn more about what’s in this amazing product.

Strawberry seed oil

Strawberry seed oil is our lip balm’s wonder ingredient. Distilled from millions of strawberry seeds, it helps our organic lip balm glide on smoothly, helping to soothe and recharge your lips, leaving them moisturised for ages!

Cocoa Butter

We source our cocoa butter from the fruits of cacao trees in Peru. Believed to be the food of the gods by ancient Inca, cacao provides a range of health benefits. In cocoa butter form, it is full of antioxidants and is a superb moisturiser. Applying this will not only make your lip feel scrumptious but will also help protect you from free radicals that could harm your cells.

Cocoa butter is also a crucial ingredient in our natural body butter. We love using this in our lip balm because its melting point is about the same as human body temperature - it literally melts into your skin. Yum!

Coconut Oil

Antifungal, antibacterial, and rich in fatty acids, we’re sure you already know how special coconut oil is. The coconut oil we use is from Sri Lanka. With its healing properties and a natural SPF of around 4, it protects your lips from the sun and potential pathogens.


Beeswax helps keep your lips nice and dewy. The main reason that we use it in our lip balm is that it keeps the formula solid. In warm weather, it will not melt! The beeswax we use is natural. You might find that when you buy your next batch, our batches vary in colour due to the source and time of the year.

Vitamin E

The Vitamin E in our lip balm adds antioxidant properties to the mix, nourishing your lips and protecting them from harmful molecules.

Using the lip balm

Simply glide the lip balm straight over your lips whenever they need a little TLC. Apply less pressure on hot days - the formula will be softer! Now you can go about your day smiling, feeling hydrated and supple.

Say hello to kindness

At Three Gems, we create natural skincare that is good for people and the earth. We are proud to be part of the positive revolution taking place in the beauty and wellness industry. Reconnecting with nature through beauty and wellness is a wonderful way to support sustainable business practices and promote the acceptance and love of the natural you.

We use organic and natural ingredients purchased from certified New Zealand suppliers, keeping our carbon footprint as gentle as possible. All products get delivered in recyclable cardboard and paper and compostable, plant-based courier bags.

No Three Gems product has ever been tested on animals. The health benefits of all our products have been thoroughly researched and tested among colleagues, friends, and family.

If you want a lip balm that is good for the environment, properly moisturises your lips, and makes you feel fantastic, we have the product for you! Buy natural fresh lip balm online today.

1 review for Natural Lip Balm

  1. Isabella

    This lip balm is amazing. I have the strawberry and the scent is wonderfully natural and subtle (unlike the often overbearing and fake ones from other brands). The lip balm keeps my lips moist and feeling nourished for ages and a little goes a long way. I love the Three Gems approach of using only few natural ingredients and steering clear of chemicals and fillers, I’m so glad I’ve found this range of skincare products. Can definitely recommend!

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