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The tinted lip balm is SO NICE!!!

The tinted lip balm is SO NICE!!! Love the colour. I’ve been using your strawberry lip balm for ages, but I think I have a new favourite. And at least my partner and son will stop stealing it now! Best lip balms I’ve used.

My eyes appeared brighter, no more dark circles and the skin had brightened

Within 1 week of using the Neroli B Face Oil I had noticed a difference, my skin was lighter and brighter, and then over the next couple of months I noticed my pigmentation and lines had decreased, my eyes appeared brighter, no more dark circles and the skin had brightened.

I have less fine lines, especially around my eye area

I have been using the Neroli B face oil for a few months now. It’s brilliant! I have less fine lines, especially around my eye area and my skin looks so much brighter and smoother. It wasn’t instant but the gradual improvement over time has been very good. I love this product and the fact that it is all natural goodness.

Supporting and helping my lip to heal

The lip balms are fantastic. I have two of them, one is the spearmint and the other is the tinted. They keep my lips soft and moisturised and they have been great on those times my lips have been burnt from too much sun, supporting and helping my lip to heal. I love knowing that I am putting only natural ingredients on my skin. The tinted one is beautiful with or without full makeup and fits perfectly in my wallet. Thank you Three Gems.

It leaves my feet soft, and it smells divine

I ordered the Rose Body Butter. Not for my whole body, but for my feet – I use a magnesium oil every night on my feet, and it’s a bit drying on my skin. Using this body butter is a luxurious (but affordable!) treat. It leaves my feet soft, and it smells divine. I do now also use it on my legs at night and they feel great. The softness lasts for ages after one use! Love that this product contains no water or fillers etc. and that it comes in a quality glass jar.

My skin is clearer and looks amazing – it is softer and looks more youthful

This product is the first that I have tried that has accomplished what it said it would do. I have had trouble with bacterial acne, and the Essential Skin Care trio have been a real benefit to helping clear it along with a natural treatment program. My skin is clearer and looks amazing. It is softer and looks more youthful. I am so grateful that I found Three Gems when I was visiting Nelson, and I recommend their products to anyone wanting to use a 100% natural product that achieves what it says.

Best deodorant on the market

Amazing product !!! Best Deodorant on the market. We can’t thank you enough for making a natural deodorant that works.

Best lip balm I’ve ever tried

I LOVE your strawberry lip balm, best I’ve ever tried.  I’ve now got 5 or 6 of them strategically placed in my life so I’ve always got one handy.  Thanks for making such a lovely product.

The face oil is light and absorbs well

I discovered your face oil at the Nelson market a few months ago, bought a small bottle to try it, and really love the product. So many oils are greasy but yours is very light and absorbs well.

My acne has cleared up

I purchased your 3 essential facial products and noticed such a difference on my face. The acne has cleared up. Just wanted to let you know I love your product, it is working for me! Thanks so much for creating this, it took a long while to find something that worked for me.

No more worry about body odour

The best deodorant I’ve ever used. No more worry about body odour 🙂

Hormonal acne has disappeared!

I have used this frankincense face oil for a month now and my skin has changed so much from hormonal acne around my cheeks and chin to nothing! I’m amazed and will always use this!

The deodorant is amazing and I swear by it!

I first bought the Natural Deodorant at Nelson Market – it’s amazing and I swear by it!! Thank you!

Eczema almost entirely gone

I’ve been suffering from eczema since 2010 and at times my hands would bleed it was so bad. Since using your Aloe Vera Body Butter I didn’t only notice a huge improvement but it’s almost entirely gone. Thank you! It’s been such a confidence boost not having terrible looking hands!

I’ve tried lots of things, but nothing moisturises like Three Gems body butter

Love my body butter! I have very dry skin and have tried lots of things but nothing moisturises like the Three Gems body butter.

Hardly any breakouts any more!

I just want to say that the Witch Hazel Toner has transformed my skin!  I bought it a month ago, and dilute it with water on a cotton pad morning and evening.  I hardly get any breakouts anymore!

I was skeptical, but tried it because of the guarantee

Recently in Nelson and I got the deodorant stick even though I was skeptical. The lady at the market was so lovely and passionate about the product, plus they had a guarantee, so I thought I’ll get it and send it back if no good then – nothing to lose. I have lost mine to my husband who loves it, so I am now going to buy more for myself and a few friends.  And I can’t resist getting the travel pack as well. Thank you for your dedication to your product – the best I have ever used especially on those busy days and I’m still dry and don’t smell :-)

I love the fact that I don’t smell, and it lasts for ages

The deodorant is working great, and love the fact I don’t smell and don’t have a reaction to it. The best thing is it lasts for ages and as you said, it doesn’t take much.

Eliminates the body odour that no other natural deodorant could do

I will take this opportunity to say again that this deodorant has truly been a revelation for me in terms of eliminating the body odour smell that no other natural deodorant I had tried previously could do.  Thank you so much!  And along with your helpful assistance about how to best apply to avoid the white residue on my clothing, it makes me so much more confident to be out in the world, playing sport, hugging my friends, wearing my favourite clothes 2 days in a row!

All my clogged pores are gone!

I just can’t thank you enough!  I bought your products from the Home Show in Nelson – my skin feels so alive!  And the best part is all my clogged pores are gone :-)

Looking for natural products after being diagnosed with breast cancer…

I looked for natural products after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Love these products. The deodorant is easy to use and lasts ages. Also love the lip balms… especially the spearmint one!!!

The body butter is the best skin product I have ever tried

The Body Butter is the best skin product I have ever tried, I love it. It was an instant cure to my dry skin this summer, and it is so good I don’t even have to use it every day.

So happy with the deodorant and body butter

The Natural Deodorant really works. Best one I’ve tried. so happy with it. and the Rose Body Butter is scrumptious. Highly recommend these local organic products.

Deodorant works for overactive perspiration

I happened across your stall at the Nelson Market and bought a tube of your Natural Deodorant. I got it for my wife to try who’s always struggled with slightly overactive perspiration. She says that it’s amazing and really works!!! We are delighted! Thank you so much.

The deodorant works wonders!

The deodorant works wonders – I love it!  No marks or stains on clothing.

Perfect for my sensitive skin

I was lucky enough to find Three Gems at the Nelson Market. I absolutely love the Frankincense Face Oil!! It goes on smoothly with a beautiful finish. Perfect for my sensitive skin.

I suffer from psoriasis

The Aloe Vera Body Butter is brilliant. I suffer from psoriasis, and it has taken away all the loose skin in my t-zone.

Highly recommend this product

Body Butter:  I have always had issues with sensitive skin, especially on my legs after shaving. Most moisturisers give me a rash or make me itchy. I have not had any problems with these, I have tried the Aloe Vera and the Jasmine scents, both are fantastic.

Frankincense Face Oil: I have been using this every evening for the past couple of weeks; I wake up in the morning with my face feeling very rejuvenated and moisturised. It hasn’t caused any break outs on my acne prone skin (I think it may have actually reduced my breakouts). I highly recommend this product.

Really love the Frankincense Face Oil

I really love the Frankincense Face Oil, and it’s on twice a day. Too easy!!  Love the ‘glow’ of dewy skin. It’s a real winner for me.  I haven’t used anything else since trying the tester.

The best benefits I have ever experienced

The things that are important to me in skin care are covered in full by Three Gems! The ingredients are few and 100% natural, no animal testing and best of all the products have excellent skin benefits. I’ve found the Body Butter make my skin on body and face feel soft and non-greasy, the Frankincense Face Oil I can use either on a evening or daytime as it just soaks into my skin. The Witch Hazel Toner is the best I’ve ever used, it’s refreshing, non-drying and has helped prevent breakouts. The Lip Balm is such a treat to use and keeps my lips moist and non-chapped.

I always get many compliments about my skin and I feel very happy that I’m using the most natural products I can with the best benefits I have ever experienced from beauty products! Many thanks Three Gems.

I adore the Frankincense oil

I have been using store bought deodorant for many years; lately my body started to react against it and I was looking for an alternative.

I entered a competition to win a goodie bag (including a natural deodorant) from the “Three Gems” company;

And to my surprise I won!

I tried the deodorant straight away, with some reserve I must say… But I was amazed as it Really works!! So much so that I purchased a deodorant as soon as the sample one was finished!! No more rash or stingy pains on my underarms! My skin is soft!

The rest of the products I tried are also fantastic. I adore the Frankincense oil!!

My 6 year old son loves the Aloe Vera body butter

My 6 year old son loves the Aloe Vera body butter as he had such dry skin around his lips and it was red and rough. I could never get him to apply nor keep any ointment on until we tried the Three Gems Aloe Vera Body Butter – now he keeps asking for it. His problem cleared up really quickly and there were no complaints from him. I highly recommend it. I have also used many of the other products and it is a great comfort to know that there are no chemicals to worry about.

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