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Why it’s important to remove your makeup at the end of the day

Woman Using Makeup Remover And Cleanser

Who doesn’t love a bit of makeup?  While discovering new brands, finding new shades and updating our look on a seasonal basis can be fun, spare a thought for your skin!

Makeup can clog up your pores, dry out your skin and open the door to skin issues and irritations depending on the ingredients.

Which is why it’s important to remove your makeup completely at night before climbing into bed because sleeping in your makeup can lead to a few problems:

1 – Clogged pores
2 – Skin irritations
3 – Breakouts
4 – Premature aging
5 – Bacterial buildup

Experts recommend completely removing your makeup before going to sleep, letting your skin breathe and your cells regenerate.

Our Makeup Remover doubles up as a cleanser and gently removes makeup – including that stubborn waterproof mascara! The silky cleanser can be used around the eyes thanks to the all-natural fractionated coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural degreaser, making it effective yet gentle on all skin types!

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But the cleansing doesn’t end with your face – your makeup brushes need a little TLC too! If not cleaned properly and regularly, your makeup brushes can become full of bacteria that can have serious impacts on your skin.

Not to mention, neglected brushes also deteriorate quicker. Give them a spritz on a weekly basis with our Witch Hazel Toner and a deep clean monthly with organic shampoo. This will keep your brushes – and your skin – in tip-top shape!

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