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Why Should I Switch To A Natural Deodorant?

Lady Applying Three Gems Natural Deodorant

The Best Deodorant To Help Sensitive Skin

We all enjoy feeling clean and smelling nice, and with the help of deodorant, you can avoid unpleasant odour and keep feeling fresh. However, what should you do when you simply cannot find the right deodorant? And you find that the products you try from the pharmacy or supermarket irritate your skin or just don’t work? When this happens, you should jump online, research the options, and choose the best natural deodorant available.

There are many different kinds of deodorants around, both natural and heavily processed, to choose from. So how do you find the best option for you?  And how do you know if it will work and be non-irritant no matter how sensitive your skin is? And why?

Why Should I Switch To A Natural Deodorant?

If you are used to using a deodorant that is filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients, you may wonder why you should switch to natural deodorant.  There are many compelling reasons why you should start using natural products over overly processed ones, especially when it comes to deodorant.  A great article is:  Why You Should Switch To Natural Deodorant

One of the biggest considerations when changing from your old deodorant to a natural deodorant is to choose a deodorant that is effective and contains only the ingredients that are required to protect you against odour and wetness.  No fillers or artificial fragrances.

The Three Gems deodorant has been trailed and perfected since 2011. It was born when Louise started reacting to commercial deodorants. Unable to find a natural deodorant that worked, she started experimenting and over time came up with the winning formula that kept her dry and odour-free that is available to you today.

Our skin is quite absorbent. Chemicals in deodorants are absorbed through your skin and into your body. This is of particular concern as we apply deodorant to our underarms – so close to our lymph nodes and breasts. The aluminium components found in some antiperspirant deodorant products have been linked to both breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.

With this in mind, you can see why switching from chemical-riddled antiperspirant deodorant to a natural deodorant is a good idea.

What Is The Best Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Skin?

If you have decided to start using natural deodorant in place of a heavily-processed antiperspirant deodorant, you may now be wondering how you decide which one you should use. There are plenty of natural deodorant products on the market; how do you narrow down your options to find the best possible product?

Here at Three Gems, we can make your decision easier because we offer great natural deodorant that will keep you always feeling clean and fresh – all without potentially harmful chemicals or pore-clogging antiperspirant qualities! Our natural deodorant comes in two forms for you to choose from, a natural deodorant stick or a plastic-free deodorant pot.  Plus, we take away the financial risk by offering a money-back guarantee. If our natural deodorant doesn’t work – we will refund the purchase price!

Our natural deodorant stick is easy to use and apply; it comes in a familiar wind-up tube. If you prefer zero-waste, our plastic-free deodorant pot comes in a convenient reusable pot that also has a compostable applicator.

This excellent natural deodorant is made with a handful of recognisable natural ingredients that will treat your body well, all without potentially harmful chemicals. Our deodorant is made with Petitgrain oil, baking soda, natural plant-based butters and oils, natural arrowroot, natural vitamin E, and a little beeswax. So, you can be absolutely certain that when you use our effective natural deodorant, you are treating your body with all-natural, wholesome ingredients.

We have confidence and believe in our natural deodorant so much that if your new best natural deodorant for sensitive skin doesn’t keep you dry and odour-free, you can return it for your money back.

Where Can I Get An Effective Deodorant?

At Three Gems, we offer New Zealanders an excellent selection of natural skincare products that will leave your skin healthy-looking and beautiful. Along with our popular natural deodorant, we also have products like organic face oils, natural body butter, natural makeup remover, and more!

If you are looking for wholesome, natural skincare products that are free of potentially harmful chemicals and other irritating ingredients, you will surely find something you love amongst our selection.  When you use our products, you can feel good knowing that you are taking care of yourself healthfully and smartly.

If you have any questions about our products or if you are looking for something specific, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at for more information.

Live every day smelling great and feeling healthy by using products from Three Gems.  Yes – you can lift your arms with confidence once again!

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