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Hidden Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products

Three Gems Natural Skincare - Evening Primrose Ingredient

The Hidden Benefits Of Using Natural Beauty Products That You Might Not Know

In recent years, it has become more and more popular to usenatural, organic and cruelty-free beauty products. Most people know why we should strive to use natural skincare products that are humanely sourced. No one wants to use a product that harms the environment or animals, of course.

However, are there any other benefits that you should know about when choosing natural, plant-based beauty products? If you are currently using non-organic products and are struggling to make the switch, keep reading to learn more about why you should use natural products instead.

Why Should I Use All-Natural Products For My Skin?

If you are used to synthetic beauty products, you may wonder if natural skincare products can perform the same. You may be surprised to learn that natural and organic formulas can absolutely do as well as synthetic ones, as well as having many other benefits.

Natural ingredients can create many fantastic beauty commodities, including body butter, makeup remover, lip balm, and more! Here at Three Gems, we are proud to offer you these.

When you use natural skin and body care, you can take joy in the fact that you will be using products that reap the following benefits:

Organic Is Safer

The materials used to create natural, organic beauty care products are often much safer than the chemicals used in synthetic products. When you apply products to your hair and skin, those substances are absorbed through your skin and into your body.

Synthetic chemicals are more likely to cause adverse reactions, whereas natural materials are more likely to benefit your health as they are more accepted by the body.

They Use Ingredients You Can Recognise

If you have ever turned a shampoo bottle around and read the back, chances are you have read lots of long and confusing chemical names that you could not recognise. With natural skincare products, you will most likely be able to name and remember all of the ingredients on the label. It can be hard to trust strange chemical names, but if you recognise what exactly you are using on your skin, you’ll have peace of mind while treating yourself.

Natural Ingredients Are Better For The Environment

We all know that chemicals, overused synthetic materials, and tiny plastics can harm the environment. And, unbeknownst to many people, overuse of certain beauty products can seriously damage the environment.

For example, many popular facial scrubs use what are known as ‘microbeads’ – tiny pieces of plastic that aid in skin exfoliation. While these particles may feel nice on your skin, they start their damage when you flush them down the drain. You can read more in this article – The Damaging Truth About Microbeads & the Environment.  These plastic beads are too small to be filtered out of the water and end up in nature, where they can harm animals who think they are food and clog up the environment.

Natural skincare products, on the other hand, are free of these potentially dangerous materials. Suppose you use organic products, like our konjac sponges which are made of plant-based materials. You can enjoy and discard them while knowing that you are not causing harm to the planet.  While you should still dispose of your used products properly, if you do accidentally lose any of your naturally made products, they will not cause harm.

They Are Cruelty-Free

One of the top reasons people choose to use plant-based products is that they are cruelty-free. Animals should not have to suffer so people can have beautiful skin, whether that be cruelty through horrific animal testing or through harmful pollution.  At Three Gems we test all of our products thoroughly – on friends, family, and colleagues.

Our team at Three Gems is very proud to say that no animals have been harmed in the creation of our natural skincare products. We care about the lives of innocent animals and the state of the environment just as much as we care about delivering effective products to our customers.

Plant-Based Products Are Filled To The Brim With Beneficial Nutrients

Natural ingredients are full of healthy nutrients. By using products made with these ingredients, you can enjoy extra nutrition for your skin without having to rely on supplements.

Where Can I Find Cruelty-Free, Plant-Based Beauty Products?

Now that you know the astounding benefits of natural beauty products, using them over synthetic products should make sense. With products made of ingredients that you can trust, you can beautify your skin while knowing you are contributing to a healthier future.

Are you ready to start treating yourself with healthy, natural skincare products? At Three Gems, we are happy to offer New Zealanders lovely options that’ll leave you looking and smelling wonderful. Select yours here

Even though synthetic items are often easier to obtain, organic beauty products are far better for you – and the environment. So treat yourself with guilt-free, plant-based, healthy alternatives from Three Gems!

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