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After Sun Skincare Tips

After Sun Skincare - Image Of Woman In A Sunhat

The summer holidays are such a great time to kick back, relax, and soak up the beautifully warm weather. But sun exposure can have devastating consequences for your skin if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

If you get caught out these holidays and come away from your summer adventures with a painful sunburn (or two)…

Here are some ways you can take care, naturally and effectively:

1 – Take a cool shower: This is especially key if you’ve been in saltwater or a chlorinated pool as the water droplets magnify the sun’s harmful rays, ultimately dehydrating your skin.

2 – Drink plenty of water: Make sure to stay hydrated while you’re in the sun but also afterward to give your skin that much-needed moisture.

3 – Protect your lips: Your lips are extremely delicate so keep them hydrated and nourished with an all-natural lip balm.  Our Lip Balms can help with that!

4 – Keep your toner handy: Spritz on our refreshing Witch Hazel Toner throughout the day for a refreshing lift.

5 – Exfoliate on a regular basis: It helps to clear and lift away dead skin and clean out your pores for softer, smoother skin. Add a sprinkle of baking soda to our Makeup Remover and Cleanser for a DIY, all-natural exfoliator! Simply massage onto skin and wash off with warm water.

7 – Keep your skin moisturised: Our Frankincense Face Oil is your summer skin BFF, helping to add back much-needed nourishment and hydration to your face, and to help heal any sun damage. Our luxurious Body Butters can be smothered onto the rest of your body for an ultra-hydrating post-sun skin treat.

8 – Don’t repeat your suncare mistakes!  Make sure to smother on that sunscreen, keep out of the direct sun as much as possible. Protect your head, neck, and face with a wide brim hat, and keep a bottle of water handy to make your sun adventures fun and pain-free!

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