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5 Fabulously Festive Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Three Gems Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Ideas

Festive gift ideas that are sure to delight…

1) For her:

Not many women these days allow themselves the time for a little self-care. Let the lady in your life know that you see her, and appreciate all that she does, by gifting her our Natural Makeup Remover and Cleanser coupled with our Witch Hazel Toner.

Not only is our Remover & Cleanser a natural de-greaser, which makes this cleanser so effective – naturally – but it can also be used as a natural exfoliate: tell her to add a sprinkle of baking soda to a couple of pumps of makeup remover in the palm of her hand, mix, and gently massage her skin. Wash off with tepid water and follow with toner – a natural astringent made solely from Witch Hazel distillate.

Then, scurry her off for a long soak in the bathtub, armed with her cleanser and toner!

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2) For him:

This summer, after an early morning jog or a day at the beach, some Natural Deodorant and Natural Body Butter will be much appreciated by the man in your life. This natural deodorant is made with a few natural ingredients that enable it to do what a deodorant should – keep him dry and odour-free with confidence.

So often men do not use any moisturisers or creams and their skin is dry and flaky. Our Body Butter can be applied where needed as it’s gentle enough to use on your face, your hands, and your body. Give the gift they didn’t know they needed so much!

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3) For your mother-in-law:

You want to impress when it comes to your in-laws; we get that. So, why not impress with our Skincare Gift Pack or Travel Pack.

Our Gift Pack contains our 4 most popular products: deodorant, face oil, lip balm, and body butter, all in a handy mesh zip pouch. Or go all out, and gift her our Travel Pack which contains all of our amazing products in a handy mesh zip pouch, and let it be her travel buddy as she visits friends and family this festive season!

She’ll smile from ear to ear after receiving this gift as she’ll have the essentials with her to stay fresh and dry and to keep her skin cleansed, toned and moisturised. The lip balm will keep her lips supple and the bonus body butter doubles as a hand cream.

All the mum-in-law points to you!

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4) For your green-fingered loved one:

Living in New Zealand, you’re sure to know many a green-fingered friend or family member, especially after lockdown when many learned a new home skill, like baking, DIY, or gardening! It’s not only the actual gardening that takes its toll on the skin – but it’s also being outdoors, where the natural elements can wreak havoc!

Let them nourish and moisturise those lips after exposure to the sun and wind. Our lip balm comes in three delicious scents: strawberry, spearmint, and aloe vera, or gift them all three!

A little goes a long way with our luxurious Three Gems Body Butter made with certified organic shea butter. Dry hands and legs after hours of digging and planting – sorted!

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5) For a teen:

We know, shopping for a teen can be tricky. Things are in, then they’re out, then they’re back in again! But with our Frankincense Face Oil & our Natural Lip Balm you can’t get it wrong!

Our Face Oil is light and absorbs quickly; perfect for all skin types, especially for dry skin or skin prone to acne or blemishes, leaving your teen with that natural youthful radiant glow!

And no teen can have enough lip balms – one in every bag, nook, or bedroom draw, to keep those lips soft and moisturised, ready for awesome smiles and great times!

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