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Best Ways To Use Frankincense Oil On Your Face

Frankincense Essential Oil

Best Ways To Use Frankincense Oil On Your Face

Healthy skincare is vital to keeping your face lovely and your skin beautiful. By using oils like frankincense oil, your face will have a healthy glow. However, which frankincense is best for skin, and how do you apply it to your face?

If you are new to the world of facial oils, you might not be aware of the specific properties that certain oils have. In this article, we will explain some of the incredible benefits of frankincense and how you can enjoy and benefit from it.

Why Use Frankincense Oil?

When there are many other health care products and intriguing oils available, you may wonder why you should choose frankincense oil to use in your skincare routine.

Just like other oils, frankincense has its own set of wonderful benefits that can enhance your skin and your life.  Frankincense Health Benefits.  When it comes to which frankincense is best for skincare, some of the best that you can experience comes naturally and sustainably sourced from the Middle East.  Here at Three Gems, we use oils from Somalia and Oman.

A few of the incredible benefits of using frankincense include:

Perfect for Moisturising Dry Skin. Frankincense oil is a very popular component in many lotions and moisturisers for its hydrating properties. If you have dry skin, frankincense may be the perfect product for you to keep you well-hydrated and glowing with health (without looking shiny).

This oil also has balancing effects and can help even out discolouration or redness on your skin.

Antibacterial Properties Help To Fight Acne Blemishes. Acne can be caused by bacteria, and the naturally occurring Boswellic acids found in frankincense oil can help clear this. With the acne-causing bacteria dealt with, you will be less prone to acne outbreaks and will have clearer skin.  Read about the success some of our customers have had here.

Antiseptic Properties Protect You From Infections. This outstanding oil has been used since ancient times as an antiseptic and is used for cleaning, disinfecting, and for general health. It is the ultimate multi-purpose oil, sometimes referred to as “The King of Oils”.

Excellent Anti-Aging Properties. When wondering which frankincense is best for skincare, many people are looking for an oil that will help them appear young and vibrant. Frankincense oil has incredible antioxidant qualities, which makes it an ideal solution for anti-aging by reducing fine lines and aiding a more youthful complexion.

Antioxidants reduce the aging process by combatting free radicals, which are reactive molecules that have unpaired electrons. As free-radicals move around the body, they can damage your DNA, which advances aging.

The Best Ways To Use Frankincense Face Oil

As you can see, frankincense oil is a lovely option if you want to protect and heal your skin. It hydrates, fights acne outbreaks, helps prevent infections, and can even reduce signs of aging. Overall, this wonderful oil can give you an incredible healthy complexion, all without relying on synthetic chemicals or potentially harmful substances.

Once you have decided that frankincense is best for skincare for you, it is then time to learn how you can reap the benefits of its outstanding natural properties. Two quick and easy methods that you can use are:

Massage Frankincense Oil Into Your Face As Part Of Your Nighttime Routine. While, of course, you can use this wonderful oil at whatever time of day, it is particularly lovely to use at night. So while you unwind after a long day and get ready for bed, you can apply this oil to your face to help liven up your skin and calm your mind, aiding a good night’s sleep.  Did you know that frankincense has been used for thousands of years in meditation to calm and relax the mind?

Simply apply a small amount of oil to your face. Then, gently massage the oil into your skin in an upward motion over your face, neck, and decolletage

This oil has a gloriously wood fragrance and absorbs quickly. When you wake the next day, you will be surprised as to how smooth, soft and healthy your skin appears.

Apply Frankincense Oil To Your Face, And Then Massage It With A Jade Roller. While you could use your fingertips to massage your face, you could also enhance the experience with a jade roller.

A jade roller can improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, tone your skin, reduce puffiness, and improve how you look and feel. By combining this roller’s incredibly soothing properties with frankincense oil’s outstanding benefits, you can improve your facial health even further.

Where You Can Get Top Tier Frankincense Oil?

Here at Three Gems, we offer New Zealanders incredible natural skincare products to help give them glowing healthy skin. Our frankincense face oil is handmade using organic frankincense, evening primrose, and argan oils.  No water or fillers – just pure organic goodness.

Our products are all-natural and organic, made with no harmful chemicals or filler ingredients. We provide customers with gentle skin health care that is better for the environment and better for your body.

If you have any questions about which frankincense is best for your skincare routine, please get in touch with our team by contacting us at [email protected].

Beautify your body and make your skin glow with good health by choosing the wonderful products from Three Gems!

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